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First, open Excel and open both of the files you're looking to merge. Now open a new spreadsheet, which will be the destination for your merged data.From this new spreadsheet, click on the "Data" tab and click on "Consolidate." The Consolidate menu will pop up with Function and Reference fields.Basically at this stage I would need to copy and paste data from each individually, onto one central 'Master' sheet.Doing this 1000 times will take a ludicrous amount of time, so I am hoping someone has an easier way.For Function, choose "Sum" (this is for basic consolidation, see the link in Resources for more complex tasks). Then select one of the Excel spreadsheets you want to merge.Click the upper left cell on the spreadsheet and drag to select the area to merge.I know there’s an easy version with VBA; problem is that I am a total ignorant in that area. But more than these ideas, I am interested to know how YOU solve this problem. Since I have very little experience in the area of consolidating data from multiple sheets in to one, I couldn’t give her any real advise. At Chandoo.org, I have one goal, "to make you awesome in excel and charting".

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You will see the Reference field populate with the spreadsheet information (it will look something like this: '[DS Excel Book 1.xlsx]Sheet1'! In the Consolidate menu, under Use Labels, click to select "Top Row" or "Left Column," or both depending on where your labels are.

Hi I'm New - You can move or copy the sheet into the master file by 'right click' the worsheet tab at the bottom and then selecting 'move or copy'. If you really meant "workbook" then you could program it in VBA, building around this statement, depending on Workbook names and sheet names Sheets("Sheet1"). Sheets(1) You can use the Dir command to cycle through your "input" workbooks.

At that point you can either move it entirely or simply a create a copy in another file. If you're interested, we can go further with this line.

I found this excel add-in on the microsoft site and downloaded it for a 15 day trial.

It actually does alot more than I need, but handles this particular task perfectly.

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A cell is active when it is the current cell--the last to receive an action, such as a mouse click.

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Delivery service will be attempted in areas where it’s safe to do.

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