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I feel like women have these impossible lists of what they want that no man can ever satisfy so they end up alone and bitter later in life.” If you haven’t seen the movie, then take a look at the clip below: Ok, so there IS a certain element of truth to that scene.In general, when we’re younger we’re going to have higher more superficial expectations about what we want in a guy than we will later in life.Even though I’m not a big advocate of lists, I think an ideal mate checklist can be a useful exercise and teaching tool. 🙂 You want a man who is: Attractive Honest Intelligent Kind Funny Financially Stable This is entirely normal. You can’t go out with a guy you can literally see eye-to-eye with. It just doesn’t make you feel feminine or turned-on. You know what it’s like to feel lust and you just don’t feel it with him. But because I don’t want you to work too hard, I’m going to make your list for you. Then again, you probably ALSO want a man who is: Loyal Family-oriented Sexy Generous Interesting Confident Solid list, huh? And even though this guy is perfect in every other way, that’s not something you can live without. He’s an amazing guy, but he just tries so damn hard to please that you can’t even respect him. You can’t go the rest of your life without that chemical rush. Hooking up with one or two of your hallmates within the first few days of school, however, is a definite no-no.When tempted to engage in “dormcest,” remind yourself that you’re going to have to face him—as well as everyone else on your floor, because they’re going to find out—for the rest of the year, no matter how good or bad your hook-up was.

It’s a fact that most of us have checklists describing the qualities of our ideal mate. That’s because we don’t really know ourselves that well yet and are hyper focused on how others view us. We have more options to choose from, therefore we’re going to be pickier with our choice.As we get older, this strong desire to appease others starts to fade and our expectations of men shift. The same way that a tall, muscular, rich, funny, successful man is going to have higher standards for the woman he dates than a man who has none of those things. Like Anna Kendrick’s character says about her man ‘fitting the bill’, we have a mental checklist of everything our perfect guy “should” be without realizing that this expectation is most likely not possible. It's warm out, which means it's time for spring fever, if you know what I mean.Which brings me to the a topic I think we all have on our minds no matter what our dating status: The checklist of beautifying steps you want to take to make sure your confidence is as high as it can possibly go for a night of romancin'. I'm really only putting this in to make my mom happy. ) You can skip flossing and just brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash. Basically you just want to make sure you've got fresh breath.

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Some sections are in Adobe PDF (Portable Document File) format.

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Unfortunately however, many of the online chat rooms that promote themselves to bipolar people have other agendas – for example lots of advertising and selling, or adult chat that fuels bipolar symptoms, leading to bipolar mania or even infidelity.

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I both end up sharing this special open source web cam chat software occasion with their management team for us before he had sex before than this guide.