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Dragon Slayer houses the signature Pigeon John humor and smarts but with a whole new sound. Known for his wildly energetic performances, Pigeon John, deemed "a showman in the tradition of Cab Calloway and August Darnell" by the Los Angeles Times, will be wowing crowds again with live dates this fall.Pigeon John’s delivery pays a big debt to old school hip-hop, and his organic instrumentation follows artists like the Roots (among many others).But his success isn’t one of originality; it’s one of sheer joy.In what has become affectionately (to some), derisively (to others) known as “backpack rap”, Pigeon John’s a steadfast, if more under-the-radar, presence.Less up-to-date than someone like Atmosphere, less interested in the electronic elements of his songs than someone like Diverse, Pigeon John has seemingly been content to spin good-natured if ephemeral yarns about Inglewood life and his own tragic-comic place in it all.His shows are stripped down and legendary, melding energy and humor. He is defining his generation and making music that is present, now and destined to become the soundtrack to many lives.

He's been featured on many compilations and has shined brightly on countless guest appearances. With influences from De La Soul to the Beatles, Pigeon John opens up a brand new sound that will relate to all.

“These are kinda nice, I am impressed.” I said without thinking: “Let’s be friends and kiss!

” At least I’d like to try, like a chance for this Hold your hand, buy beers, like a modern princess Waitress to Ruckette, a few easy steps Not how you good are, it’s how good you wanna prep I fall for all the ladies working at the bars Servers taking orders, counting tips in jars The only problem is it rarely works out Just another guy throwing tips and tipping stouts Flatline, Bridge 3: Think of swiping left or right And thinking I might switch to Sprite Few more minutes til I work the nerve to text those digits!

Production: Flatline, Chunjay Mixing, Engineering, Co-Production, Mastering, Additional Scratches, Everything but the Kitchen Sink: DJ Sean P at TWLVS in Fort Worth, Texas Vocal Production/Consultation: Krum Pre-Mixing: Flatline, Chunjay, Krum, Shedlyn/Chris Felix, Annex, Grizzly Beatz, David Mathewes Background Vocals: Flatline, DJ Sean P, Chunjay, and Friends Executive Producer: Chunjay The Waitress Song Chunjay, Verse 1: Just leaning on the bar minding my own (business! ) came a woman I’d date She was slinging out snifters, handing out plates She had a way with words, had a way with pints Had a way with six ounces poured in flights She looked so great in her outerwear And the way she smiled had my mind impaired She rocked that apron like she just dont care New Edition Bobby Brown button as her flair A satin rose, she was so intriguing Every word flowed smooth like she was singing Lisa, Angela, Pamela, Rene Happens all the happy hours round my way Flatline, Bridge: Now I’m aware of what you do Thinkin’ I might take the cue Few more minutes ’til I work the nerve to get the digits!

) When she kicked up a cyclone At the Brass Tap cask pull box (right! Flatline, Chorus: Hey waitress I’m feeling butterflies every time You ask to take this Order As I practice my lines And this could be bliss We sip on rum and Coke, extra limes Or we could pop Criss I pay for bottle service with dimes Chunjay, Verse 2: Couldn’t get her off my mind couldn’t get her off my brain When I slept I dreamt she was a mental hurricane A little Novocaine to the pain in my heart With every sip, every line, it was a brand new start One night I snuck with art & a wink & a nod I would be the seed and she’d be the pod Made a love note image in sidewalk chalk Right there at the pub at the front of the block Wasn’t trying to stalk just wanted her to see I’m cute, I’m sweet, I’m Chunjamey Mmm…she just called in sick Now my sweet honeybee is a waiter named Rick Felt kinda ick, I was aiming for the dream A little she and me—supreme type team Wouldn’t be a thing if couldn’t scale relations From tipper to gipper, my entire vexation Flatline, Bridge 2: Leaving little notes on cars Writing songs on my guitars Clueless those are useless So my head is stuck among the stars Now I’m aware of how you do Thinking if I took the cue Few more minutes til I work the nerve to text those digits!

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Some of the isotopes used for this purpose are uranium-238, uranium-235 and potassium-40, each of which has a half-life of more than a million years.

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All minds operate in a certain way because of our instincts. But here is the problem; If you want to keep him you should not confront him.

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